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What We Do

What does your support accomplish?

  • It provides food
  • It provides medicine and supplies
  • It provides companionship and hope!

Working with its American and Canadian "friends," "For Survival" supplements the small pensions of elderly people in Kyiv with small (up to $20) monthly cash supplements. Even these small amounts transform lives, enabling people to stop begging on Kyiv’s streets or buy lifesaving medicine.

Donate Now! In recent years, we have added special programs to meet special needs, including purchase of medical supplies. We are also helping our recipients make their lives more than ‘survival,’ by sponsoring their monthly gatherings, which bring isolated elderly people out of their apartments to celebrate birthdays and holidays together.

We keep our administrative costs low and our oversight high. We are run entirely by volunteers, who donate their time, but have lived in Ukraine for many years and know the country well.

“For Survival’s volunteers, all Ukrainian, verify eligibility for the program, in part by visiting the homes of applicants and confirming the level of their pensions. Since most Ukrainian elderly are poor, priority is given to the homebound and those without family to help them.