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Support Us

How can you support "American Friends of "For Survival"?
Support Us!

    Consider becoming a “friend” of “For Survival”
    Consider becoming a “friend” of “For Survival,” You can donate any amount! Donating is easy! You can make a one time donation or sponsor an elderly person on a monthly basis.

  • A $180 donation will provide $30 per month to an elderly Ukrainian for 6 months.
  • $360 will provide much needed $30 monthly supplement for one full year.

  • DonateNow

    Sponsor one of “For Survival”’s monthly birthday or holiday parties.
  • Monthly gatherings provide poor elderly, many of whom live alone, a chance to socialize. "For Survival" members share songs, poetry, music and memory along with snacks and cake. Members who have a skill to offer – anything from hair dressing, to flower arranging- also get a chance to “give back” to other elderly at these parties. For Survival members also get food packages to take home. You can sponsor a monthly gathering for only $50 per party.

    Sponsor a "For Survival" monthly gathering

    Help With Extraordinary Medical Needs
  • Many “For Survival’ members have medical expenses, for surgery, prosthetics and even multiple prescriptions that the $20 monthly supplement to their pensions cannot begin to cover. State support for medical facilities and assistance with medical expenses for the poor is very limited in Ukraine. Patients are routinely required to cover all expenses, and even bring or buy their own supplies, down to bandages and sutures. Your contribution, in any size to For Survival’s Medical Expenses Fund would be greatly appreciated.

    Information on the Ukrainian health care system

    Donate to" For Survival’s" Medical Expenses Fund

    Help With Your Suggestions
  • Help us with suggestions on reaching more people who care about Ukraine and the elderly. Send in your suggestions by clicking here.