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For Survival

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As the Soviet Union disintegrated, massive inflation wiped out life savings, making paupers of millions of middle class elderly, overnight.

A group of spirited elderly in Kyiv decided not to let poverty ruin their lives or those of their friends and neighbors. "For Survival" volunteers took action to provide Kyiv’s elderly desperately needed food, medicine, clothing, heat and other essentials. They distributed international humanitarian aid. When that wasn’t enough, they twisted arms across Kyiv to get discounts for the elderly on everything from tea to theater tickets.

"For Survival" provides not only food but food for the soul. At the group’s monthly gatherings elderly who can no longer have entertainment in their budgets get together to share food, music, poetry and their stories.

Most "For Survival" members continue to "give back" to the elderly, in any way they can, often delivering food and companionship to the homebound.